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WD My Cloud Home – Both NAS and Cloud, suitable for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC

Very good

If one day, you decide not to use Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive but yet want to store you data in a cloud server, you would probably consider an alternative solution named WD My Cloud. Basically, it is a NAS Drive that help you to stream movies, music and photos from home. In addition, you can still access to view the storage file anytime, anywhere just like a real cloud service. The only difference is that the hard drive and its data is located at your house, not on a cloud server somewhere in the U.S.

Indeed, My Cloud is not recently invented, but it has been years since WD Company have upgraded the software and hardware to make it look more modern. This year, the My Cloud Drive has a similar design to My Passport. With that being said, they have the same appearance with a two-body type of two different colors, which make them look modern and elegant.

In terms of visual design, the drive looks simple but neat. The front part is equipped with a LED, while the back part has a power port, a network port, as well as a USB port. If you decide to purchase the Duo Version, you will get a double USB port hard drive. As a matter of fact, this USB port can be used to connect the external hard drive, not for direct PC access.

Besides, the top and bottom edges of the drive are customized for air ventilation. The Duo Version has also been upgraded in terms of cover replacement, in comparison to the normal hard drive.

In consideration of designing and manufacturing a mass product, the WD Company has made it easy for users to install and set up the products. To such a degree, you just need to plug the hard drive, and plug the network cable from the hard drive into the router set to build the product up.

Later on, you just need to enter the 9-digit code printed in the box to assign a drive to My Cloud account. It only takes a few seconds! In comparison to the old-fashioned NAS config, this process is just a piece of cake.

By the time you finish the previous procedure, the photos, videos backup configuration will be ready – which is suitable for not only iPad, but also Android, Samsung Galaxy products. In terms of backup speed, this hard drive can either obtain a good upload and download rate when connecting to the same LAN, or maintain a great acceleration while linking with WIFI public networks.

Moreover, the mobile applications of this hard drive can be used for multiple purposes:  photos organization, documents back up, as well as video and music access. One can simply delete files, rename, and classify documents.

In case that this product is connected to a PC, one can easily manage data by using normal file browsers such as Finder, File Explorer, etc. Accordingly, one can sync any drive to the cloud by using My Cloud.

Unlike Dropbox or OneDrive, you can sync any folder anywhere  located in My Cloud drive. When the synchronization takes place, all the documents in My Cloud folder will be transferred into the drive automatically. As a matter of fact, users can access to it anywhere.

Similarly, one can use any PC or mobile devices to access their data, by opening the Internet Browser and visiting

It is obvious to see that this hard drive is opened for sharing when needed, by emailing invitations. Hence, each invited user will have a separate and untouchable partition. In case that you are an Administrator, viewing other people’s data is prohibited.

When you want to connect this hard drive with a USB flash drive. There will be an announcement that allows him to copy all the contents, or back up single files one by one.

To such a degree, files are stored in the cloud. One can easily share each file, or share the original folder, as well as giving access link to guests.

On Windows OS, this software has a backup option for Windows users. Compared to a Mac, one need to set up a Time Machine app with this drive.

All in all, I am satisfied with the easy setup, as well as its simple use. This hard drive is suitable for customers who look for the simplicity: plug and play, not too complicated, no need to understand port forwarding, DMZ and so on.

If one interests, he or she can purchase a product based on storage capacity. The smallest storage drive comes up with USD 170 for 2 TB, while the highest one is listed with the price USD 438 for 8 TB. If one a willing to pay more, you can choose different versions of the DUO drive: 4 TB for the price of USD 350 or 20TB for USD 970.

All of the hard drives are covered for 2 years, 1 exchange for 1 guarantee.

My personal opinions:

– Nice design, more modern and user friendly.
– The software is easy to use, the installation process is quick

– Connections to public and private networks are improved.
– Adding features: create more users, and mutiple users sharing.
– Improvement: share each file separately, or individual folders.

– When one chooses Sync Folder function, if the original folder is renamed it will not be synchronized anymore. In order to fix that, he needs to right click, and choose Sync one more time. Meanwhile, a new Folder will appear on his mobile device or PC (He can rename the file or subfolder under the root one)

– An optional choice is to purchase the DUO version with 2 hard drive RAID. In such cases, if one loses data from one drive, he can still recover documents from the other.

Review overview


Nice design, more modern and user friendly.

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