How to unlock the merchants on Joe’s Island in Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons update 2.0 is here! Not content with offering us a new café and a brand new cuisine, she also proposes to transform Joe’s Island into a veritable temple of commerce. Our detailed guide.

How to unlock the merchants on Joe’s Island in Animal Crossing?

You will probably have noticed that there is an air of renewal in the small world of Animal Crossing : New Horizons. Nintendo’s little game (which has become quite big) has been offered a 2.0 update, the biggest (and last) addition of free content, more than a year and a half after its release. It must be said that Nintendo’s popular life simulation knows how to gather crowds and attention.

Among all these novelties, Joe’s Island, Photopia is also getting a makeover! The Photographer’s Pebble is no longer just for taking pictures with the characters on the Island, but can now accommodate a whole bunch of merchants. Here’s our guide to easily upgrading Joe’s Island.

This is one of the biggest additions in Update 2.0! Joe’s Island, Photopia, can now accommodate a whole bunch of merchants that were usually found periodically on our Island.

This is also what he wants to discuss with you, inviting you to join him through a letter that you receive when launching the game after the update.

Once the letter is read, go to Morris to visit Joe’s Island by plane. Once there, go to the right of Joe’s house, at the end of a new path. You can find Joe and Ginette there , a new character.

Joe’s dream is to create a whole cluster of businesses around the central square of his island. There are seven different locations, for a total of seven different shops. You can open each shop for 10,000 bells.

Each shop will permanently house one of the traveling merchants that you have already encountered on your Island. Only the titles of the merchants are a little vague.

We explain in detail who is affected by each purchase option so that you can prioritize the merchants that interest you most. Know that once a shop is open, Ginette will offer you her services as a hairdresser.

unlock the merchants on Joe's Island in Animal Crossing
unlock the merchants on Joe’s Island in Animal Crossing
  • A mysterious clairvoyant: Astrid
  • Two talented spouses specializing in customizing furniture: Risette and Serge
  • Dealer in authentic works of art: Rounard
  • Trader in mysterious carpets and wallpapers: Sarah
  • Botanical expert with a very green paw: Root
  • Grandpa who will give you access to your storage space: Tortimer / Cornimer
  • Classy shoe and bag seller: Blaise

That’s it, now you know how to unlock all the merchants on Joe’s Island. Be aware, however, that sometimes you will not find a merchant behind his display. If so, he is currently visiting your Island. You just have to find it there to buy what you need.

You should also know that each shop, once installed, offers you ” exclusive services “. These are new items strongly tied to the 2.0 update. Each seller offers you different ones.

  • Astrid: She can read your future to you, or reveal your level of affinity with a resident of your Island for 1000 bells. It can also increase your affinity with a character for 10,000 bells.
  • Root: He will offer, once his stand is set up, to sell you new seeds, which you can plant and cultivate in order to obtain new ingredients for your brand new kitchen.
  • Tortimer: It will allow you to access all of your home inventory from Joe’s Island.
  • Risette and Serge: They offer you a whole catalog of objects to personalize in exchange for bells or miles.
  • Rounard: He offers you two works of art to buy per week, one per day maximum.
  • Blaise: He’ll give you a whole collection of exclusive new bags once his booth opens.

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