How To Send Money To Your Friends For Free With Debit Card

Keeping money all the time in pocket could invite thieves and they could steal your wallet and you there you are left with no money. That’s why most of the people do payment through debit cards and if in case it gets stolen, they can close your card and get refunds for any unauthorized purchase.


Many times we need to transfer money to family members and sometimes friends. I don’t know how often you do that but I frequently need to do so. Thanks to fast digital world which allows sending money worldwide by taking care of associate security. There are various innovative payment systems that allow your business to accept credit or debit card. Let’s have a look.

5 Ways to send money to your friend with Debit Card

1. Square Cash

Square Cash is one of the best services that allow you quickly and easily exchange money for free. You can send money to friends and family with your debit card even if they are not having account with Square Cash. Even the app is available for Android and iOS users to make money transfer easier and to access in real-time. Square has no monthly usage fees, just 2.75 per transaction for your business.



There is no account to create, any app to download or any bank number to keep in memory, just a simple email and you can send the amount to your friend. Square Card provides functionality to its debit card US users to compose the email to friends and type the amount to transfer and cc Then Square Cash will ask to link the debit card and you are done.

2. Venmo

Venmo is free digital wallet that lets you share payments with family and friends by suing money that you have in Venmo wallet or through your bank account or debit card. Venmo provides advanced security by keeping all your personal and financial data encrypted in order to guard it against unauthorized transactions.


You can easily find your friends whom you want to send money by syncing your phone contacts or Facebook account. The best thing provided by Venmo is that you can share money, split dinner bills or send a birthday gift to friends, so if you are college student this is the app you need to download.

3. PayPal

I don’t need to say, who doesn’t know about PayPal, one of the most preferred and secured online payment system for online transactions. Though PayPal charge you for money transfer but if you make payment within US, PayPal is completely free for you. PayPal provides you the ability to transfer money through debit, credit or fund money.


In order to receive payment from PayPal, you need to first create an account with PayPal and then only you can manually withdraw money from your PayPal account onto your bank account.

4. Google Wallet

Google Wallet is fast and simple that lets you send money directly from your debit card, bank account or wallet balance for free. It is the same in case of receiving money, you can quickly cash out to your bank account using your debit card. Google Wallet provides Data Encryption and stores all your financial information on secure servers in secure locations, fraud location that covers verified and authorized transactions and also MasterCard Protection.


Google Wallet allows you to control notifications. You will get instant notification on your phone whenever any transaction is made with your Wallet card. Also, you can set low balance alerts so that to know if your Wallet balance fall below that set level.

5. Snapcash for Snapchat

Snapchat is widely used and in order to make money transfer to friends easy and convenient, Snapcash has been created in partnership with Square Cash. With Snapcash you can exchange money with Snapchatters. You just need to link your debit card and send to the one whom you want to send money.


If you are worrying about the security provided by Snapchat as in past it already has been hacked then you don’t have to as it is now powered by Square and provided with all necessary security levels to ensure the protection and privacy of your financial information. Sending money is quiet simple, just send the amount of money followed by currency symbol to your chat contact.