[iOS] Billy – Manage the money for the subscription service packages


Billy is the app on iOS that can help us to easily manage the subscription service package every month, or every quarter or every year. Besides, Billy also let the user know how much money they spend each month for the entire subscription service, so that they can better managing cash resources. The special point of Billy is that it has a simple interface and easy to understand; also, it supports multiple services with a reasonable calculation.

Billy supports availably many subscription services such as Apple Music, Drop box, Evernote, Google Drive, Microsoft Office, One Drive, Netflix, iCloud,… More specially, users can create a service for themselves if it is not available in the list of Billy.

Each service, we will fill in the necessary information such as information services, how much money have to pay, form of payment (every month/ quarter or year), the first payment date so that Billy can calculate. And finally, indispensable is reminded, that is just about time to pay, or 2 days earlier to 1 month before, Billy will send a reminder notice.
After adding services packages, Billy will start calculating the amount that we have to pay. For example, you have to pay $12 for Apple Music each year; Billy will automatically calculate that you must pay $1 every month. The Billy free version will allow us to add maximum 4 services, and you have to pay 0.99$ if want to increase this number.
Billy is now a free app for iOS.