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HTC U11 – the best Android device to purchase this year

It is now the end of the year 2017, and I usually share with you which products that are worth to purchase in the last year so that you can make your own decision for suitable mobile devices, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or even application. Android had an incredible start this year, and I strongly recommend HTC U11 as the best smartphone to be purchased. The device has a great combination of design, camera, software, and price. In comparison to other competitors on the market such as S8, Note 8, HTC U11 has reached a benchmark that balance every single element a customer need for a phone. Also, It has also been my second Android phone to work with, after Nexus 6P in recent years.

Note: This is not a review, nor an advertisement, just my personal view of the best Android mobile devices to be purchased in 2017. Please contribute your opinion, since my opinion could not be valid for everyone.

Many people can wonder what has made HTC U11 been my favorite phone? To be honest, I am not a fan of HTC (I used to hate HTC One M8, M9 because they have an unexciting virtual keyboard, and HTC 10 has a small screen), but because of the U11 itself. In a descending order, this phone has positive features: beautiful design, comfortable to use along with the excellent camera, smooth software performance, as well as a long battery life. Obviously, U11 can update to the new Android system quickly, and the Android version 8.0 designed specifically for genuine U11 devices in Vietnam appeared nearly a month ago.

Regarding design, it is certain that the U11 has no positive points compared to the flashy thin phone such as S8, Note 8. However, when you have used the U11 for a period, it will be more advantageous thanks to curved two edges which made the U11 itself easily handle inside your palm. Also, the U11 has brought a sense of security and confidence, in comparison to Note 8 and S8 in terms of easy falling (S8 Plus is not ). Furthermore, moderate weight and suitable size have also been a “lovely” feature of the U11. It is also worth to mention that the U11 has an advantage point in comparison to the rival Samsung, S8 regarding efficiency. To illustrate, Samsung has configured a silly layout for the fingerprint sensor that made them hard to use – in my own opinion ( I have utilized Note 8 for two weeks and S8 for one month and a half). Fortunately, the face recognition is a positive point to compensate, except for the fact that this feature cannot run as quick as finger touch in the low light environment. The green color (Or red) of U11 is also impressive to customers. Admittedly, I find out that the shiny blue back part of U11 is catchy. It is like a unique magnet that catches your eyes every time you since it (even though I purchased the U11 six months ago). The color is eye-catching, but not too silly and cheap. To sum up, if you like a wonder virtual machine, U11 is not suitable. If you prefer a smooth and attractive device, U11 should be worthy to buy. The U11 Plus version came out later with a bit thin and sexy design, but one should choose the previous U11 because of the reasons that I would desdribe below. Firstly, U11 has an outstanding camera feature. To mention, the camera of U11 deserves top 5 cameras for a smartphone of this year, thanks to its fantastic white color balance, as well as a brilliant HDR, along with sharp focus, and delightful colors. U11 seems to retain much information in each pixel so that it has made the photo edit much more manageable. Moreover, you can also refer to U11’s snapshot from these two articles. Talking about the cons, the camera of HTC U11 have problems when you take night shots. There are some lightning algorithms that level up the light level. As a result, the noise of the photo would be substantial. A solution to fix this problem is that one should decrease the ISO level, to suit the environment. It is also worth to mention that these issues do not show up occasionally, only when you take photos at night near strong street lights. In other situations, the noise level is low; the subject has no obliterated details. There have been several software updates, but HTC has not fixed the bug yet. Concurrently, Samsung and LG devices do this better.

Secondly, let us discuss the software side. Regarding software, U11 has been unbeatable compared to other Android competitors, except for Google Pixel 2. The device runs smoothly, especially in the 6GB Ram Version with Snapdragon 835. Thankfully, the operating system that is similar to the original Android has helped HTC to improve. The only phone that operates faster than U11 I have used is only Pixel 2, and it was released after U11 a few months later. I have not had any problems with U11 software, while the Samsung, LG, Sony did not bring me a sense of satisfaction. Honestly, what HTC has done is very impressing. Furthermore, owing to its customizability, U11 has upgraded its operating system to Android 8 quickly. At this moment, there have been updates for genuine HTC Machines, (Sony and Google software come first ) while Samsung and LG are likely to wait until next year to upgrade their software to the newest Android. Finally, let us discuss the price. The original U11 device is listed as 16,900,000 VND in the early days, but if you return the gifts to HTC store (still keeping the Quick Charge Battery), the price drops at only 14,500,000 VND. At this time, you can buy the new U11 for a cost around 14 million VND, brilliant for an outstanding machine, compared to the price of other rivals. How about a  second- hand device ? A range from VND 10 million to VND 11 million should be adequate.   One thing that you may question yourself is the U11 worthy to buy because of its slender shape? In my opinion, it is not worth it because of the following reasons:

  • Price is still expensive, and much more costly than U1
  • It is now the end of the year, and HTC looks forward to launching a new machine in a mid-next year. Thus, purchase a new U11 Plus should be a good choice since it uses the similar configuration to the U11 which was released six months ago.

Notably, there is another handset that is as valuable as the U11, Xiaomi Mix 2. The bevel is thin, which makes Xiaomi mix two comfortable to hold in hand. Moreover, the software runs smoothly. Regarding camera function, Mi Mix 2 cannot be compared to other flagship machines in 2017, not to mention U11. As a result, Mi Mix 2 is not my preferred choice of smartphone. All in all, if you are willing to spend for an excellent Smartphone, U11 Plus should be definitely a good consideration. However, U11 is the best regarding economic efficiency. Obviously, U11 would be a smartphone that I recommend for friend and family, especially when they want to purchase an Android Smart Phone at this time.

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