Download Call of Duty 4 for PC from Mediafire in a small size 100MB

Download Call of Duty 4 for PC from Mediafire in a small size, a first-person shooter video game series called Call of Duty was released by Activision, started in 2003 and initially specialized in games themed with World War II, the series offered games In the past set during the Cold War in futuristic settings and in space, Infinity Ward initially created games, followed by Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games, other developers created a number of separate and portable games, On November 5, 2021 the latest Call of Duty game was released, Infinity developed Word is the first game and several others in the series, and some other teams have collaborated on production, most notably Sledgehammer Games Studio and Treyarch Studio, which developed some of the key components. Activision and Aspire Media have sponsored and released parts of the series, including “Gray Matter Interactive” and “Spark Unlimited” and “BayStudios”, “Amaze Entertainment” and “Rebelline Developments”, created many auxiliary elements for the series, is a multiplayer game for Android phones, supports several languages ​​including Arabic and English, and is often updated, it is also one of the games that does not take up much space on Smartphone, it competes with PUBG Mobile, Free Fire and other games and is multiplayer like other Battle Royale games, full of action, fun and excitement.

Download Call of Duty 4 for PC highly compressed 100MB

A version of the action game Call of Duty Mobile APK has been released for Android phones, it works with graphics that make the game more realistic in addition to the XP card and advanced weapons that you get in each level, the game was originally released in 2003 for Windows, and inside the game there are a set of Upgraded basic weapons, most of all providing a set of arrows that contribute to weapon modification, getting all the rewards, receiving gifts, including an M4LMG weapon, backpack and the ability to play matches in Zombies mode and enter the fifth season, the game is designed Made by professionals in the field of game programming, the game features a simple interface that is easy to handle and guides you to all the tools that can be used, in addition, the game comes with a training program to help you become a more skilled player as well as many strategies and maps for quick victories, Activision created CALL OF DUTY® GAME:MOBILE so that all players can play it on their phones for free without having to pay any fees, enjoy the highest controls through their phone, create teams of friends, have text and audio discussions, and have fun in 3D graphics, make the game much better.

Information about the game Call of Duty

game nameCall of Duty Mobile
the size2GB
the languageMultilingual
The operating systemAndroid, iOS
Last updated26 July 2022

What’s new in the latest update of the game Call of Duty

  • New Season: In addition to effects, rules for earning points, and a multiplayer mode where each player is evaluated, the new season is categorized with several modes and includes a range of weapons and equipment used by the Warlords, the online player find area has also been updated.
  • Player Mode Map : Scrapyard has been temporarily replaced by Meltdown, Meltdown is now available to destroy and manage a multiplayer match, and the penalty for losing during a match has been reduced.
  • Game interface: The interface has a few tools that are easy to use and handle, you can access the profile, settings and store, view your player profile, chat with friends via chat, add new friends, download new weapons and equipment, you can learn about The level you have reached is a straightforward interface that requires no prior knowledge and gives the player all the tools they need.
  • Basic Settings : In addition to standard controls such as throwing grenades, autoplay, fixed joystick, camera field-of-view control, and weapon aim reset, a number of settings are available including on-screen button control and game stage selection, such as social or Battle royale stage or zombie stage, choose virtual joystick display location, screen settings, loudness of music and sound effects, microphone.
  • Add Friends: One of the most important aspects is the ability to text and voice chat with friends, play with others from all over the world, see new friend requests, communicate with your team, see what conditions each player is playing in and what level is required, you can use all the codes in Chat rooms, which are completely free.
  • Multiplayer : The multiplayer mode of Call of Duty Mobile is one of its best features, you can enter new matches, invite friends, message people, create your own team, view the multiplayer leaderboard, see the level, kill rate, and kills per match, as well as To the winning percentage of your friends, you can also choose an umbrella and play matches every day to get additional advantages and tools that you can use to defeat opponents and achieve victory.
  • Game screen: The screen displays the points earned as well as team members and enemies on the map which are shown in the right image. Through the microphone, you can talk with the team, manage player movements, shooting, targeting and other actions such as jumping, running and throwing bombs. The screen in front of you displays a variety of items , including various weapons.
  • Change the language: The Call of Duty game comes with its own controller with buttons to shoot, switch weapons, and see the map. The game supports a variety of languages, including Arabic, English, Turkish, and others. The ability to switch the trigger, jump, run, use nuclear weapons, shoot vertically and horizontally with sensitivity setting. All this within the game.

Some pictures from the game Call of Duty 4

Download Call of Duty game for Android

  • First, all you have to do to be able to download the application is to enter the Google Play Store.
  • Search for the name of the application as in the image.
  • Click install.
  • Wait for the application to install.
  • Once the installation process is completed, you can open it with ease.

Download Call of Duty 4 for PC with one compressed link

You can use the Call of Duty game on your computer through the use of Android emulators, which provide you to install and run Android applications on your computer. To download the program to your computer.

  • Download Bluestacks for your PC You will find the download link at the bottom of the article.
  • First, all you have to do to be able to download the game is to enter the Google Play Store.
  • And then search for the name of the game as in the picture.
  • Then click on install.
  • Wait for the game to install.
  • Once the installation process is completed, you can open it easily.

Features of the game Call of Duty latest version

  • Multiplayer and Call of Duty game modes for PC allow you to enjoy playing online with your friends anytime and anywhere in the world, make in-game friends, and meet new friends.
  • You have access to the power of a wizard, shoot, face a large number of opponents, create winning plans, manage the game and acquire the greatest skill and strategy for long-term success.
  • Offering full customization, you can buy guns, ammo, clothing and settings, and you can play solo or participate in team battles and 5v5 competitions.
  • The PC version of Call of Duty 4 is available for download from Media Fire, and receives regular updates that address issues, enhance the user interface, and provide new features such as Battle Royale and other modes, a multiplayer map, and free rewards.
  • Call of Duty is available in several languages, including Arabic, English, German, and others, which expands the game’s popularity to the largest number of players around the world.
  • The game, which includes characters and weapons, is designed to look authentic due to its cutting edge technology, cutting edge graphics and realistic sound effects.

Download Call of Duty 4 for PC from Mediafire in a small size

Download Call of Duty 4 for Android:

Click here to download the Call of Duty game for Android

Download Call of Duty 4 for PC with direct link:

Click here to download Call of Duty for PC

Download Call of Duty 4 highly compressed game for PC with direct link:

 Click here to download the game with a direct compressed link for the computer

And we have almost finished downloading the game Call of Duty 4 for PC from Media Fire in a small size, and peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.

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