20 best free offline games for Android and iPhone 2022

To challenge boredom in light of the current global conditions that oblige us to stay at home (quarantine), which caused the Internet to be very slow as a result of the high pressure on it because most of the world’s population is at home, we brought you on your site the best free offline games for iPhone and Android that work without The Internet for 2022, of course, is safe and virus-free, all on Google Play and the App Store.

free offline games for Android and iPhone

In light of the great demand for free offline games, application stores , including the App Store and Google Play, have become overwhelmed with gaming , where we find playing football, playing fighting, playing car racing and other playing chess and so on, but its only drawback is that it requires an Internet connection so that we can play Playing it means that it does not work without the Internet, but after our long search, we found that there are free offline games for phones and tablets, Android are excellent and have good graphics that work without the Internet and their size is small, so in this article we will list the 20 best free offline games for iPhone And for Android in 2022, it works without the need for an Internet connection (Offline).

Of course, all of these apps are not outdated, they are multi-award winning and have millions of downloads from the Google Play Store and App Store, and they are all free and can be played offline.

1- Trial Xtreme 4

best free offline games

The developers of Trial Xtreme 4 say that only 1 percent of the players of this game managed to get 3 stars in the game, and the developers explain this that the game is very difficult, and depends on passing a set of obstacles using your bicycle, motorcycle or Hoverboard, and the odds and bumps vary according to The level, as the more stages you pass, the more difficult the game becomes, which gives an excellent gaming experience without the Internet, the graphics of the game are somewhat good, and it is one of the best games that work offline in 2022, it has been downloaded more than 10 million times, and it is small in size.

2- Subway Surfers

best free offline games

Although Subway Surfers is one of the most popular free Android and iPhone games, many Arab users have not tried playing this game yet, it is completely free and works without the Internet, and it has more than excellent graphics, and its size is very small compared to its features (94 MB) The game, since its launch on the Google Play and App Store, has achieved record numbers, as it has been downloaded more than a billion times. The game revolves around a boy (you can switch to a group of other characters such as a ninja) who is being chased by a policeman and a dog at the railway station, and you have to guide the character with your hand to avoid hitting trains and obstacles so that the policeman and his dog do not catch you, and of course there are rewards on the road (the railway) that you have to take And the more rewards you get, the more you can climb to advanced levels and get new monster characters.

3- Shadow Fight 2

best free offline games

The video game Shadow Fight 2 is one of the best games that can be played offline and will help you eliminate boredom, as it has been downloaded more than 100 million times from the Play Store, the game simply revolves around a fight similar to that found in many famous free offline games such as Pubg ( Babji) and Free Fire, where you choose the character you want to fight with, the fight begins and you have to win in order to get rewards that enable you to buy weapons and provide your fighter with new professional moves to become more powerful and win more battles, and of course the more you pass the stages The more the opponent becomes stronger and more difficult to beat, which increases the fun of the game.

4- Neon Shadow

best free offline games
Neon Shadow

Who does not love to play shooting games? The answer is that most or all of us like it, as this type of game has a terrible amount of action, but the only problem is that we cannot play these games without the net, such as the game Call Of Duty Mobile (Call of Duty Mobile), but the game Neon Shadow We were able to do that, as it is the other shooting game and can be played with others online or played alone or offline in the absence of an internet connection, although it is also, but it has excellent (graphic) graphics in everything within the game (weapons, people, ground, etc.), as well as It has amazing sounds especially when shooting, which gives you a great gaming experience that makes you feel like you are inside the game. The events of the game revolve around killing some characters to get rewards that enable you to buy new weapons and develop the abilities of the character you play with.

  1. Download Neon Shadow for Android .
  2. Download Neon Shadow iPhone .

5- Ludo King

best free offline games
Ludo King

Once you play this game, you will get addicted and get rid of boredom. Although it may seem simple to you, it is a unique game and can be played for many hours a day without getting bored. Ludo King can be played online with friends or even with users of the game globally or offline with artificial intelligence or a friend at the same time. The phone, the game is based mainly on the exchange of roles playing by throwing dice and trying to cross the game completely without problems or obstacles, in addition to all this, the game has excellent graphics and a small size that does not exceed 42 MB and has obtained more than 100 million downloads from the Play Store, simply Ludo King is Among the best video games that do not need an Internet connection in 2022.

6- Smash Hit

best free offline games
Smash Hit

If you are a fan of action, Smash Hit is one of the best games that can be played without the net. On its own, the game moves and meets the glass and many obstacles, and you have to break any barriers that come in front of you through the metal balls to break them and thus be able to cross into the next room and complete The way, and what distinguishes the game is that it is very difficult as if you lose you return to play from the beginning, few players have managed to reach the end where there are more than 50 rooms, we invite you to install the game to discover more, the number of downloads exceeded 100 million and it is light in size.

7- Vector

Offline video games

Vector’s gameplay is similar to the way Spway plays, it is also based on someone trying to catch you on a road full of obstacles and barriers that he likes to overcome, and the game works offline and has been downloaded a hundred million times from Google Play, which is one of the best Android games And iPhone.

8- Jetpack Joyride

Offline video games
Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is not only available for Android but also for iPhone and for PC (web version), in the game there is a businessman who turns the escape from the gangs that are chasing him, and you play the role of this businessman, the game has good graphics and it is small in size and downloaded millions of times From Google Play and the App Store, simply if you want to challenge the boredom in offline mode, the free Jetpack Joyride game is one of the best options.

9- Asphalt Nitro

Offline video games
Asphalt Nitro

Playing car racing is one of the most popular games on Google Play and various other application stores, it is fun and has many challenges, and Asphalt Nitro is one of the best and smallest video games and works even offline (2022), the events of the game are based on the race With cars and take the rewards on the road, there are more than 125 levels, and the difficulty of the game increases as you climb to a new level.

10- BombSquad

Offline video games

BombSquad is a completely different game, as it is based on planting bombs in a large arena near the enemy or on his way, in order to explode and thus eliminating your enemies and getting prizes, the game you can play with your friends even when you are offline via Wi-Fi, the game has excellent graphics and 3D 3D, and this type of application is few on Google Play and also on the App Store, so BombSquad is unique, and worth playing and challenging the boredom even when you are not connected to the Internet.

11- Quizoid

Offline video games

Quizoid game from its name it turns out that it is one of the questions answering games, yes it is a game to test your knowledge, especially if you are fluent in the English language , it is an entertaining game and one of the best to play iPhone and Android, where you choose the field you want such as languages, culture, history, geography, and politics And other areas (there are all areas), then questions are asked to you, and the more you answer the correct answer, you get points and move to a more difficult stage, and there are more than 7000 questions. The size of the game is only 7 megabytes, which means that it is very light and can be played even on weak phones , and it has received more than one million downloads. That is why it was chosen for its rarity in the list of “the 20 best Android and iPhone games without the Internet (offline) in 2022”.


Offline video games

The game BADLAND is basically based on amazing adventures, where you try to deliver a small object to the end and of course the road is full of obstacles that try to get you down, and there are more than 100 levels in the game, the more you go up to a new level the more difficult the game. The game can be played online and without an internet connection, and it can be downloaded even on old Android and iPhone systems, and it has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

13- Earn to Die 2

best free offline games
Earn to Die 2

Earn to Die 2 is a car racing game, but in a different way, where you drive an armored car on roads full of bumps and barriers, as well as zombie monsters that are trying to kill you, and you have to take the road with the least number of obstacles and also hurry to reach the gas station to put fuel for the car in order not to The car stops and you end up in the middle of the road and thus the zombies kill you and you restart the game from the first or the last gas station you arrived at. The game is free and can be played offline, and it is light in weight.

14- ZigZag

Offline video games

ZigZag is different from all the video games mentioned above, it is a game with a simple and fun geometric style, where you guide a black ball in a narrow path with your hand by pressing again and again to prevent the ball from falling off the edge, ZigZag is a simple and wonderful game that will help you to get rid of From boredom, and can be played without Net. The game has been downloaded more than 50 million times from the Google Play Store and Apple Apps.

15- Infinite Loop

Offline video games
Infinity Loop

To eliminate boredom, the puzzle game may be the best option, and the game Infinite Loop is one of the best games in this field that can be played offline, based mainly on redirecting and rotating a group of unordered lines vertically and horizontally to obtain a finished path that is a shape that may be a phrase About a person, a boat, a house, and so on. In the early stages, the number of lines is few and it is difficult to direct them, but the more you go up to new stages, the more lines there are, and therefore they are intertwined and difficult to collect.

16- Eternium

Offline video games

Travel and fight with monsters and enemies that come on your way and you have to fight and survive in order to get rewards that increase you strength, this is what is inside the game Eternium that can be played out of the box, and the game is characterized as other games with several levels that you have to skip, 10 million is the number of downloads of the game Eternium It is rated 4.8/5 on Google Play, and its size is small, not exceeding 100MB.

17- Alto’s Odyssey

Offline video games
Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey was awarded as one of the best games in 2018 by Google and the best visual setup by Apple. Alto’s Odyssey is a great game with awesome and simple graphics at the same time. It is two-dimensional, and it is based on a road full of bumps and potholes. You have to jump on it to be able to pass and not fall into it, and we invite you to download the game to discover more of its features. Of course, it works offline without an internet connection.

18- Punch Quest

Offline video games
Punch Quest

Punch Quest is also a game in which you try to escape from obstacles and face everyone who comes in your way from different monsters with different abilities, but what distinguishes the game is the different and exclusive design of it, there are several levels in the game and the more you go up to a new level, the more powerful you are and the more intense the fight.

19- Dancing Line

Offline video games
Dancing Line

The Dancing Line game is very entertaining and is one of the best Android games in 2022 and depends mainly on speed and focus, where you must touch the screen in order not to crash into barriers and trees, and like any other game, it becomes more difficult and entertaining as you pass the stages, it is considered one of the best games that can be played without the net Therefore, it has received more than 10 million downloads on Google Play, in addition to a high rating of 4.8 out of 5. We leave you to discover more about the game by downloading it from the link below.

by the end of our article we need to consider that there were many free offline games now days have been spread for the all smartphone s the android and the IOS and even the windows phones, and for choosing the best one you have to concentrate on the game details and see samples of its level to decide will you start with it or not .

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