7 Great Apps For Virtual Reality (VR) Handsets

Virtual Reality is a big gameplay in the field of technology that promises to improve every aspect of technology like medicine, gaming, education and more. With virtual reality you can have immersive 3D experience just by sitting at one place.

The giant companies have given their Virtual Reality headset like Oculus Rift, Cardboard by Google, Song, Samsung and more. If you have VR headset and smartphone, the only need is great app to have amazing 3D experience.There are millions of games and apps that you can try to have experience of new world offers by Virtual Reality headset.


There are various app available on Google Play Store and App Store that you can download according to the platform of your smartphone. I am sharing some 7 best VR headset apps that you need right now, check out here

7 Great apps for VR headsets

1. Gone

Gone is an amazing app for VR headsets that will show you everything that VR can do. Gone is a video-cum-game with an ingenious storytelling innovation that will give an amazing taste of Virtual reality. You will explore the scenes in complete 360 degree freedom and to unfold the story from every possible active clue point. This is must have app for any VR headset that you can have for free for brilliantly tense and horrific feel.


2. ARTE360 VR

ARTE360 VR is mobile broadcasting platform to have immersive, interactive and narrative experience in Virtual reality and 360 degree. This video application shows various, beautiful places, mountains, iconic buildings, oceans scenes in full VR goodness just by letting to stick at one place. It is simple to use, just switch into VR mode for total immersion which makes it worth a shot.


3. Fulldrive VR

Fulldrive is Virtual Reality navigation platform that lets you to browse, view amazing shots of 3D and 360 degree photos and videos and browse Internet in an amazing exciting way that you never had before. You can browse anything like YouTube videos and other VR applications. This allows you to simply play videos on your smartphone just like you are watching something in movie theaters. The app comes with Photo gallery where you can store your 360 photos and videos to access them anytime.


4. Sites in VR

If you want to explore the beautiful sites of world just by sitting on your couch Sites in VR is the right app for you. The app includes more than thousands of 360 degree panoramic images in high quality of landmarks from Holland, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Belgium, and France. You will explore mosques, museums, inns, towers, castles, palaces, tombs, nature, square parks, ancient cities, space, architecture, religious place and much more. Even if you want to improve the quality of images, you are allowed to do so through VR setting option.


5. Cedar Point VR

Cedar Point VR is an app that lets you experience the roller coaster ride right from the comfort of your smartphone. Cedar Point is one of the world’s tallest, fastest and longer dive coasters on Lake Erie in Northern Ohio. You can reach to that place just by sitting at your home. You just need to have VR headset and Cedar Point application that you can download from Google Play Store for Android and iTunes for iOS.  This app will give you front seat view of entire ride, fine sense of immersion with all photo-realistic graphics.


6. Titans of Space

Titans of Space is a short tour of planets that come right to your smartphone. Along with the visual experience, the app provides you all fun facts and information about stars and celestial bodies. With this app, you feel like you are wondering in space with the dynamic soundtrack and giving you full control over the depth and pace of the entire space tour. This is an amazing way to explore the Solar System with voiceover that you can have in add-on options.

titans of space

7. Vrse

Vrse is an interesting storytelling app that lets you go through landscapes and scenes while listening to their stories. The app includes music videos, comedy, documentation, short films and all other kinds of cinematic virtual reality so that you can have immersive 3D experience just by sitting at your place even without heading towards movie theater.